Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Press Release - New Product: pedaldabs(™) quickly converts clipless pedals into platforms

March 11th, 2013 Dublin, Ohio– bikedabs creates a product that quickly converts clipless pedals into platforms.

bikedabs has solved the long-time dilemma of riding on clipless pedals while wearing standard shoes or sandals with their new product, pedaldabs ™.

Any cyclist with clipless pedals has ridden on them occasionally while wearing regular shoes, which can be awkward and unsafe. pedaldabs™ connect directly to riders’ clipless pedals to give them stable tread that greatly reduces slipping while riding with regular shoes. Now riders don’t have to wear cycling shoes to destinations for which casual footwear is more appropriate, and can avoid the hassle of switching their pedals or bringing extra shoes.

Riders can use pedaldabs™ for activities such as short commutes, casual rides, spin classes, local errands, lunch hours, and pub crawls.  pedaldabs™ are also very helpful for people who are new to clipless pedals and want to keep the platform functionality to which they are accustomed. For triathletes we can see them being used during transport of gear to and from transition areas so that shoes don't have to be swapped out.

Kurtis Meyer, founder of bikedabs, designed pedaldabs™ after hearing about the need for such a product from customers at a family-owned bike shop where he has worked for 6 years. “There are design obstacles with creating a stable platform surface for clipless pedals and I believe that is why this problem hasn’t been tackled effectively before,” says Kurtis. With 3D modeling experience and his own 3D printer, Kurtis has been able to make many adjustments to the designs and develop them with fast turnaround times.

The first model to be released in April 2013 will be compatible with the Shimano® SPD-SL® version road pedals and have an MSRP of $15.99. Soon to follow will be a model for the Look® KEO® pedals at the same price point.

pedaldabs™ for Shimano® SPD®-type  pedals are a slightly larger and more complex design, and will be released this summer.  Speedplay® models have also been designed, with release dates forthcoming.

More information about pedaldabs™ and the bikedabs story can be found on the company’s website at

bikedabs LLC
#310 2783 Martin Rd, Dublin, Ohio 43017
1-855-BIKEDAB (245-3322)

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