Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bicycle Retailers - A New Approach Part I

So you're a bicycle retailer eh? You have the shiny new bikes all set up in a row and all the supporting hard goods and soft goods sell to the first timer. Helmet...check, clothing...check, gloves...check, spare tube, tools and inflator...check, water bottles...check! All done… right?

Assuming your personality and customer service have been spot on with your new customer and you have properly fit them on the best bicycle at the right budget for them, your job is done.

Now it's up to them to ride themselves into a happy new sport and come back repeatedly for new tires, parts, advice, clothing etc.

Not so fast! What if your new customer goes out on their first ride and because they are undernourished or dehydrated they feel horrible on their maiden voyage? What do you think they’ll reflect on most after that ride? Will it be what a great deal they got on the bike? Will it be the salesperson’s great smile and happy disposition? Perhaps it would be looking forward to that next bike upgrade?

How we FEEL drives our desire does it not? The feel of a good price for a bike or a pleasant salesperson severely under weighs the physical sensations we have during and after exerting ourselves on that new bicycle.

Overcoming objections in sales is a huge part of everyday life. So how do you deal with the objection a person has if it is about how they feel on the bike? This happens more than you think. It becomes each person’s internal strife to make themselves get back on that bike again and again which is especially difficult if they do not feel good when riding the first time. How do you even influence this if you aren’t around when they are having this difficulty?

This is where nutrition sales come in. When should you bring this subject up? How do you follow through? I’ve spoken with many retailers from around the country over the years and have some great ideas on how to maximize the potential of keeping that new customer not only for your store, but for the industry as a whole. More to come in Part II!

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