Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Brands To Watch

For 2011 I wanted to talk a little bit about some up and coming brands. These little known new companies are on my list of those who I expect to do well and grow fast in 2011. Keep your eyes on these!

Of course if you or your company see the value in these that I do, you may contact me directly about wholesale and distributor opportunities.
BEX Runner by CoolPalms LLC is the world's first wearable core cooling device and sure to be a hot seller starting this spring.

I ran across a study done about 3 years ago where it was determined that cooling the palm of the hand was the most effective way to keep body core temperature down. The palm of the hand is scientifically shown to be a natural radiator point on the body. Special blood vessels found under the palm surface called arteriovenous anastomoses, bring heated blood from the body’s core and dissipate heat. The cooled blood from the palm is brought back to the core and helps maintain peak performance periods for heart rate, temperature and muscle output.

The problem with this study is that the equipment and methods originally being used were large machines which were very expensive. Enter BEX Runner, a small, comfortable, affordable device strapped to the hand which gives the same results.

Being able to draw heat out of the body so efficiently and so cost effectively is bound to make this new product a huge seller at $30 retail. Let's face it, the price for performance can be staggering, but this new product seems to be the best bang for the buck I have ever seen. Right now it is designed to be used for runners (for a window of about an hour and a half) and for fast recovery from any exertion (football, weightlifting, wrestling, cycling, soccer etc). I could even see this being used for construction crews, fire fighter rehab and more! Be assured there are other similar designs in the works to extend the duration of the effectiveness and to make the same performance benefits available to other specific sports.

Fit Desk Bike Pro finally converges exercise with productivity by making a platform which straps to most any type of bicycle or exercise cycle. You can finally get work done, surf the net or even do some gaming while getting in some base miles!

Now I know what most of my cyclist peers are thinking, that there is no way they can do a training session while typing on their laptop. This is where the video below comes into play. It will give you an idea of intended use which is slow and steady pedaling. This is fantastic for recovery days, building a base, or just stretching out your legs when you feel the need but don't have time to step away from your computer.

I got my Fit Desk Pro around last September and I absolutely love it! What I especially like is that even though my bars are a rare integrated design by Selcof, the construction material of the Fit Desk Pro allows me to customize it for my bars with very little effort.

For those non-cyclists in our lives who also want the convenience of the FitDesk Pro but don't want to spend the money on a bicycle and a trainer, there is the Fit Desk base model which incorporates the desk into a cycle trainer which weighs only 35 pounds and is collapsible for easy storage. I purchased one of these for my parents and they love it!

The FitDesk is currently selling at $199.99 retail and the FitDesk Pro sells for $79.99.

I would like to take this opportunity to start a rumor that there may or may not be a Gran Fondo event being planned in Austin Texas for the fall of 2011 and I may or may not be involved with it (wink, wink). If you would like to be in the loop to hear more about this rumor for sponsorship opportunities or participation, just follow my blog.

Don't forget about the Capital Of Texas Triathlon either! I am working with R&B Sports for my second year to help develop this epic 20 year old event. This year we have become a part of the larger LifeTime Fitness Triathlon Series as the 2nd event of 2011 which takes place Memorial Day Weekend, May 30th. Drop me a line if you want to get in on sponsorship for this incredible event, time is running out!

Here's to a great year, good health, fantastic friends, successful business, and growing love and peace! Cheers!

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