Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I received this short newsletter from Rick Margiotta (event director for CapTexTri) yesterday that I just had to share. I want to say that the person Rick speaks about, Nicolette Maroulis is an amazing individual. She's not immune to bad days just as any other human, but she does chose, every day, to get back up and fight with everything she has to move forward. Please read on and make sure to visit her blog.

"Why do you do what you do? I get asked this question quite often while we are setting up for the CapTexTri, and even more in the days immediately following the event. Sure there are answers like "I do it for the athletes", or "I love the sense of accomplishment we get", or "I really get off on the organized mayhem", and every now and then my answer is "I do it for the money", though that answer usually gets me some odd looks because anyone in the business knows that can't be the case.
The real answer can be found in Nicolette Maroulis. Please, please, please, go to her website and read her blog about her ride from San Francisco to Virginia Beach. You will be moved.
We chose to support the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project with the Capital of Texas Triathlon in 2009. After meeting the first group of wounded warriors at the race last year, Brad and I knew we made the right choice to use the race to raise money for these amazing individuals. This year, we created the Wounded Warrior Dinner to be the primary fundraising event during the Memorial Day Weekend in Austin. In preparing for the Dinner, we had the great fortune of meeting Nicolette. Many of our organizing committee members had the privilege and honor of also meeting Nicolette, and other wounded warriors who came to participate in the CapTexTri. Nicolette could not stay for the Dinner nor the triathlon, since she was headed off to San Francisco to start her ride in late May. I am looking forward to her return home to Austin once she completes her coast to coast journey. I hope we can give her a hero's welcome.

So when I am asked "Why do you do what you do?", a big reason why is that I do it to honor those men and women of the Armed Forces who have given so much to keep us free.

Thanks for letting me introduce you to Nicolette"

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