Friday, December 11, 2009

Sponsors And Brand Alignment

Everyone is familiar with what sponsors are for and what they do, but knowing who to pick can go a long way in telling the story of what your brand is and what you are about.

Most may count on their mission statement to convey this message, but you must also consider what your sponsorship alignment says about you. For instance, an event raising funds for AA may not want a generous sponsorship from a company producing alcoholic beverages. Likewise, although a particular sponsorship may not be in direct conflict with your brand, you should consider if there might be any potential questions regarding a sponsor's ethics which could negatively affect your brand. A big bank sponsor may not be the best if it is seen spending tons of marketing dollars shortly after being bailed out by the taxpayers.

Sometimes sponsorship alignments may not seem to be of direct alignment, but the services or industry networking angle may be that which you may find beneficial for your exposure or future growth. Pick sponsors that you can develop a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with and put that to work. You will go much further this way then just fielding whoever throws money your way. Remember, you need to shop for and even interview sponsors, not just take whoever you can get. Spend time on this and it will pay off for both you and your sponsor.

This being said, I am helping some amazing people shop for sponsors for the Capital of Texas Triathlon which will take place Memorial Day at the end of May 2010. The CapTexTri is a Pro Cup event as well as Olympic qualifier who's main beneficiary is the Wounded Warrior Project. For details, email me at

Happy Holidays!

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