Monday, October 5, 2009

Interbike 2009 / Branding

For the first time I was able to attend the bicycling industry's trade show called Interbike as a free agent, allowing me to stroll through and look at all the brands and marketing attempts at my leisure (outside of my meetings to secure business). Previously I've been stuck in a booth with little or no time to explore and study what else was out there at the show.

Wow! It's amazing some of the lack of thought and education that is behind some products. I can certainly appreciate one's passion for sports and the desire to build a successful business in the industry, but PLEASE people, pay attention to what you are making!

With the rapid growth in the fitness business and spread of knowledge on the subject of nutrition, companies really need to consider all aspects of what make up their product as well as the mind of their intended customer.

The basic building blocks for a nutrition brand IS NOT a huge marketing budget! It's ingredients and GOOD, CREDIBLE and RECENT science! Including ingredients in which a simple Google search will turn up a big mosh of arguments for and against the safety of said ingredient probably won't do well for your product, especially if your targeted demographic is highly educated. If you think not many people know about it now and it won't affect your sales down the road, don't bet on it.

More on other topics soon to come!

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